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I tried using the gem source from gems.github.com, and it's an old version that is not compatible with Sinatra 1.3. (It doesn't contain the Tilt module in prawn.rb) The gem doesn't seem to be hosted anywhere else either.

I tried sourcing the gem to this repository, but my require 'sinatra/prawn' call doesn't work when I do. Could you get the a recent version of the gem hosted on rubygems?

I forked the repository and pushed the latest version of the gem to RubyGems under the name "dberkom-sinatra-prawn". I'm not planning on doing a lot of maintenance on the code; I just needed this to happen soon. If you get the gem pushed up to rubygems under the "sinatra-prawn" name, I'll switch over to using that.

Edit: You can find my fork here. I bumped the version number up to from

+1 for @danielberkompas' solution... it worked perfectly here

pvdb commented Jun 28, 2012

+1 for @danielberkompas' solution... it worked perfectly here as well!

Kudos 👍

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