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Staying up to date

For anyone with an interest in SBGN

To keep track of what's going on in the SBGN world, and be sure never to miss a meeting, a competition, a survey, an election, or the release of the latest specifications, don't forget to:

For fervent developers

People particularly involved in the development process of SBGN may also want to keep an eye on recent Meeting minutes, have a look at topics discussed during recent Events, and check the results of past development surveys.

Getting involved

Regardless of your experience or involvement level, we value your ideas and feedback.

Bug tracker

For reporting issues, suggesting enhancements or requesting features please use the dedicated trackers on

Mailing lists

For general discussions about SBGN: please join the sbgn-discuss mailing list (see the SBGN Mailing Lists page) and bring up the topic there. Some of the discussions will look horribly technical, but don't let this put you off asking simple questions. The community is always eager to help.

For specific questions about this website, workshops, or other SBGN resource management topics: please send a message to the sbgn-editors mailing list (see the SBGN Mailing Lists page).

Meetings and workshops

SBGN meetings and workshops provide the best environment for learning about the process and getting involved. Please check the Events page for past and upcoming events.

Annual competition

The Annual SBGN Competition welcomes entries from EVERYONE, and anyone can vote for their favourite map, software tool, and outreach material. Make sure not to miss this year's deadline! (or start preparing your entry for next year...)

Community votes

The community regularly gets asked to vote on a number of issues:

  • SBGN competition winners (see above)
  • development surveys. Surveys are created by editors, for questions (regarding possible changes to the current SBGN specifications) which have been previously debated online and during meetings. Thus everyone in the community gets an opportunity to express their preferences before a decision is made.
  • yearly editor elections. Anyone can vote, and anyone can stand to be elected, provided they get at least one nomination (and self-nominations are 100% OK!) during the yearly nomination process preceding each election.

Keep an eye on sbgn-announce and sbgn-discuss and make sure not to miss the deadlines of any of these important online community events.