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  • Alice Villéger (AV)
  • Tobias Czauderna (TC)
  • Stuart Moodie (SM)
  • Anatoly Sorokin (AS)
  • Falk Schreiber (FS)

SBGN workshop

Report SM

  • Aim of the meeting: kick-start SBGN, content of next level of SBGN (Level 2)
  • 20 people to come (most of the invited people)
  • Date: 29/04 - 02/05
  • accommodation, food, venue all set
  • agend for meeting (will be discussed via email)


  • Editor-Meeting: yes, include Alice via skype


Lead work on SBGN aspects (Who takes responsibility for which part)

  • PD: Stuart
  • ER: Anatoly
  • AF: Falk
  • libSBGN / SBGN-ML: Tobias
  • Web / sourceforge: Alice
  • editor meetings: Falk
  • mailing lists: Stuart + Falk

Structure of specs and user manuals in sourceforge

Currently inconsistencies in the usage of trunk and branches, e.g.

  • PD-->branches/L1V1.2 Revisions contains PDF 1.3
  • PD-->branches/Level1.1 contains 1.0
  • trunk/Specification contains file sbgn_PD-level1.pdf (maybe better sbgn_PD-level1.v2.0.pdf ?)
  • better naming for versions of UserManual
  • AF branches is empty

Discussion of different ways to structure it

We need a short documentation / README of the structure (should be located in the root directory or in the wiki): Suart will take care of this

One day online / skype meeting

Yes, but difficult to find good time

SM: Maybe Friday + Saturday

SM: doodle call for a Friday/Saturday, in April

Anatoly will set up doodle call


AV: nothing new to report

SM: suggestions for web site:

  • background
  • wiki system
  • hosting arrangements

Tool overview

Tobias will do an initial list / proposal

Symbol of the Month

Nicolas would be happy to continue


We need creative idea

  • Map?
  • Logo?

Ask around about further ideas

SM: costs?

Not very high (5 to 15 Euro) including T-shirt

  • Alice will do some research

Anatoly takes care of design

How to increase user base

  • Survey how SBGN is used
  • Tutorials at conferences
  • Put it in email, on facebook etc
  • (Part of) summer schools

There are some courses given

  • AS: gives courses about SBGN
  • TC / FS: included into courses

SM: will compile survey (Alexander did a survey)

SM: How people use it, how they think about it, how it could be improved, what shall we focus on for level 2

AV: We should adress people who publish none-SBGN maps (why, what are problems with SBGN, etc)

SBGN contest

Discussion if new contest (e.g. for COMBINE) should be done

SM: Questionary (given diagrams, what is meaning)

AS: Diagrams with three descriptions - which is the right one; one description with three diagrams - which is the right one

FS: Diagram test during SBGN meeting? -> to be discussed during next TC

next TC

(in 4 weeks time) Tues., 02.04.

  • 7:00pm UK
  • 8:00pm Germany
  • 10:00pm Russia
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