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  • Tobias Czauderna (TC)
  • Stuart Moodie (SM)
  • Anatoly Sorokin (AS)
  • Falk Schreiber (FS)

Organisation survey prize

SM: We need to draw the winner.

FS, SM, AS: Do it during the Editors meeting in Gatersleben, record a video, and put in on the website.

What to do with the survey info? Paper? Report on the website?

FS: What could be done in further promoting SBGN? Astrid did the paper survey, Stuart organised the user survey.

FS, SM: We should definitely put it on the website.

AS: Paper: short communication in Science, Nature?

SM: Write a joint paper for the paper survey and the user survey.

TC: We should go for a journal addressing the user base of SBGN.

FS: How about PLoS ONE?

AS: See here as an example

FS: See here as another example

FS, SM, AS, TC: Have a short paper about the surveys. Investigate where to go.

Planning of the Editors meeting in Gatersleben (Germany)

TC: Work on the next versions of the specifications.

FS: Should we prepare a short list of tasks?

FS: Review of the specifications needed.

SM, TC: We have a list of tasks for the PD specification.

AS: I have put in everything from former discussions in the ER specification.

FS: I'm going to review the AF specification and discuss with Huaiyu if necessary.

TC: I will go through all the three specs.

FS, SM, AS, TC: Agreed to try to finish the next versions of the specs during the meeting.

Meeting plans for next year

FS: Huaiyu might have some additional funding for two extra days for SBGN during next COMBINE. I will send a mail to ask.

SM: Maybe organise an extra day during HARMONY.

TC: Next HARMONY runs from 22nd to 25th of April 2014 (Tue to Fri).

SM: Discuss it during the meeting in Gatersleben.

Organisation of the vote for a new editor

SM: Need to get nominations. Time frame should be two or three weeks for nominations and two or three weeks for the vote.

TC: I will set up a form on SurveyMonkey for the nominations. I will send a mail to the list.

TC: What are the deadlines?

FS: Start nominations next week.

AS: Deadline for the nominations should be 1st of December.

AS: Nominations from 11th to 24th of November, 25th of November to 1st of December to contact nominees, 2nd to 16th of December for the vote.

SM: We should be clear about the rules, especially when it comes to a tie. I will send a mail with the rules from the 2011 vote.

Website for "Pathway of the Month"

FS: Huaiyu wanted to set up everything but couldn't create a new page.

FS: We should have a history similar to the "Symbol of the Month". Currently there is an entry on the main page and the page for the current "Pathway of the Month".

SM: Create a history for the "Pathway of the Month", put a link on the main page to the history of "Symbol of the Month" and to the history of "Pathway of the Month".

FS: I'm going to do it.

How to move things along for L2?

FS: Let's discuss it during the meeting in Gatersleben.

SM: Should be a discussion about the organisation of the development of L2.