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SBGN Spec release

  • when release, circulate with community

  • HM: PD spec in good condition

  • SM: still needs to do some stuff with PD (submap, rules)

  • AF - all major issues addressed, send out as soon as possible

  • TC: lots of comments to ER, will send it to all end of the week

  • we should make the description of different specs more similar (esp. ER more similar to PD and AF)

  • would it make sense to use ontology and OWL instead of UML for describing PD (and other languages)? There may be problems with it, so needs to be discussed better.

-SM: compartment reference with submaps (same namespace, but what happens if compartment is only in submit)

  • Discussion about submaps and compartments (equivalence arc to submap), does equivalence arc "breaks" anything?

  • Action points: send out AF; finish PD; send out PD; finish ER; send out ER

  • Action point: Check specs regarding compartments, submits and equiv. arcs

New editor election

  • ask for nominations (two new editors)

  • start vote end Nov/beg Dec

  • election to be closed by Dec 15th

  • Action point: FS takes care of process

SBOL support

  • Action point: HM will contact SBOL contact to get examples for symbols which could be represented in AF

  • Action point: we have to see how SBOL can be implemented in SBGN


  • TC: HARMONY 2015, web page there

  • HARMONY: TC, FS there, SM likely, AS and HM more likely not able to go

  • COMBINE: not clear who can attend, depends on funding

SBGN competition

  • We could announce it end of Dec with new editors

  • SBGN competition

  • Undergraduate map

  • Best map in paper

  • Best resource for SBGN (database, website, tutorial etc)

  • Apply or suggest

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