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  • Huaiyu Mi (HM)
  • Stuart Moodie (SM)
  • Anatoly Sorokin (AS)
  • Falk Schreiber (FS)
  • Tobias Czauderna (TC)


HM: one day symposium with talks (first day of COMBINE)

HM: see

HM: will send invitations to email lists

SM: when will be SBGN session?

HM: 1-2 breakout sessions (SBGN, libSBGN) and one morning session for SBGN

HM: Pre-COMBINE meeting concerning SBGN development, see

SM: more discussion about SBGN on the sbgn discuss list, more advertisment for meeting

TC: set rough agenda for the meeting

SM: plan to finish PD spec before the meeting

HM: AF to support GO project, Paul Thomas (local and involved in the project), if possible he would come (he will be definitely on COMBINE meeing)

FS: SBOL joined COMBINE, and SBOL Visual will be part of COMBINE. There is the interest to join with SBGN, e.g., as extensions of the PD / ER / AF languages, or maybe as 4. SBGN language, see for SBOL visual

FS: will contact Chris Myers concerning attendance of SBOL Visual people

ICSB 2014

FS: one day COMBINE tutorial on 14th September 9am to 6pm organised by Martin Golebiewski, morning sessions with introductions to standards, hands-on sessions in the afternoon


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