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  • Stuart Moodie (SM)
  • Nicolas Le Novère (NLN)
  • Alice Villeger (AV)
  • Emek Demir (ED)
  • Huaiyu Mi (HM)
  1. Next SBGN Hackathon

The SBGN hackathon 2011 will be part of HARMONY 2011 in April at MSKCC. We agreed that we would use the Friday to report on the progress of the previous days. An editor meeting is also planned at Emek's place on Saturday evening.

  1. Kurt Kohn's messages on sbgn-discuss over christmas

The general feeling of the editors meeting was that Kurt Kohn would not engage with SBGN, and was committed to continuing work with MIM as a parallel notation to SBGN-ER.

  1. Results of Surveys

HM reported that the results of the AF Activity node entity decoration survey. The overwhelming result was to keep things as they were - no change.

NLN reported that the result of 2 surveys for PD:

  • Process node identity. The result was that all process nodes were unique, with their own identity. No duplication was possible.
  • Source/Sink cloning. The result was that the all source and sink nodes were part of the same "clone".

NLN reported that a survey on the reversible arc was being finalised and ready to go out. He was waiting on feedback from the other editors.

Action: NLN to finalise survey and release it.

  1. Plans for PD (SM)

The V1.3 release needs to go out.

The V2.0 release is targeted for final debate at HARMONY. The aim would be to release a draft for review a week prior to this to give time for review.

The features slated for L1 V2.0 are:

   * Stadium State glyph    * Annotation glyph    * Clarification of process identity    * Subunits of Complex not EPN    * Reversible process changes (if agreed in survey)    * Phenotype cloning clarified    * Source and Sink clarified.    * Enumerated validation rules

Action: SM to initiate debate in the discuss list on Subunits of a complex not being an EPN

Action: SM to create a development page for the PD survey results.

  1. Plans for ER (NLN)

Next release will be V2.0.

Features slated for L1 V2.0

   * Nested entities    * Clarification of variable/value assignments    * List of validation rules

Potential features are:

   * Outcomes on the influence    * Clarification of Occurrent/Continuants in the notation.    * Clarify the semantics.

Aim to release draft for review 1 week before HARMONY.

  1. Plans for AF (HM)

Next release L1 V1.1.

The main change is to provide updates to improve the layout and grammar sections of AF.

  1. Responsibilities

We clarified the editorial responsibilities. These are as follows:

SM Leads PD spec writing
AV Create and maintain validation rules for PD
NLN Leads ER spec writing
ED Create and maintain validation rules for ER
HM Leads AF spec writing

ED will also propose an "unknown features" extension for PD and manage a vote on this.

  1. Wiki

NLN had redesigned the front page of the Wiki. He requested that all the editors look at this and comment.

NLN also encouraged the editors to start contributing to the examples and FAQ section of the specification.

  1. Next meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for 17:00 GMT 15/2/11

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