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  • Emek Demir (ED)
  • Nicolas Le Novère (NLN)
  • Huaiyu Mi (HM)
  • Stuart Moodie (SM)
  • Alice Villéger (AV)
  1. Review actions from last meeting

1.1) NLN: finalise the survey on reversible arcs

Results announced on sbgn-discuss

1.2) SM: initiate debate on subunits


  1. Role of SBGN Editors (NLN)

NLN will write some guidelines [ACTION]

Still in the to-do list

  1. ER status

NLN: switch discussion on outcome/etc. to discussion rather than survey done.

AV: has some more feedback, will put it in the tracker [ACTION]

NLN will update the specs based on the feedback from the LibSBGN team [ACTION]

To be done.


Emek gave an update on the HARMONY organisation. All is swell with hotel, dinner etc. 56 registrations so far. We need to probe the community ahead of the tutorials to tune them. We need to organise a few interest groups ahead of the meeting. One is on libSBGN. Another possibility is to list tasks.

[ACTION] editors, write to the editor list your proposed interest groups, tasks etc.

We need to sit down and work on improving the quality of the specifications, clean out semantics (e.g. numbered lists of rules etc.)

  1. libSBGN update (AV)

Paper on libSBGN: Falk with contact Nature Methods to ask if they would be interested. An alternative plan would be to submit libSBGN as such, and then a paper in a more general journal using SBGN, SBML and BioPAX together in a Systems Biology project.

Validation rules will be implemented probably using schematron. ER and AF coverage is planned in Milestone 2. Everything else is part of Milestone 3.

  1. Spec writing updates (All)

No news on PD front

[ACTION] Stuart to write L1 V2, Alice to work on the list of rules

No news on ER front

[ACTION] Nicolas to write L1 V1.3 and L1 V2, Emek to work on the list of rules

No news on AF front

  1. Any Other Business

Huaiyu is pursuing discussions with the NSF. Funding scheme will give ~8 millions to ~20 new projects. The project should target science at large, and not pharm/medical domains. Money can go to coordination or software development. Other funding schemes should be used for meetings.

  1. Next meeting date

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 5th April 2011 16:00 GMT

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