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  • Election
  • Spec release
  • Competition
  • SBOL support


  • FS set process up, deadline 28th Dec


  • AF ready
  • release branch in SVN, on webpage, mailing list, source forge, repository (AS:
  • special issue of JIB (Journal Integrative Bioinformatics) in preparation, FS sends email soon (deadline likely Feb 2015)
  • PD SM still working on it
  • ER AS about to finish draft


  • In 2015, to be discussed with new editors
  • From last meeting:
  • We could announce it end of Dec with new editors
  • SBGN competition
  • Undergraduate map
  • Best map in paper
  • Best resource for SBGN (database, website, tutorial etc)
  • Apply or suggest

SBOL support

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