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Welcome Augustin and Robin to the SBGN Editorial Board


  • AF is ready to release. ER is almost ready. There are still some work for PD.
  • The original idea was to have a bundled release of all three languages. Due to additional work needed to PD. AF and ER should be released by themselves without waiting for PD.

SBOL collaboration

  • Recap the COMBINE meeting minutes, subsequent email exchanges and SBOL symbols.
  • SM showed his slides about stereotype slides at the last SBGN workshop.
  • The use of stereotype in SBGN has not been approved by the community. This will be a good test case.
  • Action items:
    • HM will contact SBOL (Matthew) to arrange a meeting.
    • Once the meeting is scheduled, it will be announced to the discussion list so anyone interested from the community should participate.


  • SM made a proposal below for editor responsibilities.
    • Three editors responsible for 3 specifications. AS was responsible for ER. He stepped down, so someone needs to take care of it.
    • Two other editors will provide support, for example, libSBGN support and SBOL collaboration.
    • It would be nice if someone can take care of PD because this is SM's last year as an editor. Some overlap time to transition is helpful.
  • All editors thought it was a good proposal. Will take some time to think about it. Probably finalize at the next call.
  • Tentatively, RH will take over PD, AL will take over ER. HM will continue with AF, but will need help from everyone about SBOL implementation. TC will continue with libSBGN.

SBGN webpage updates

  • TC will update the about page.
  • Need photos and a short bio from everyone.
  • Per Nicolas's suggestion, will make the former editors more prominent. Probably will add their photos, etc.


  • TC: Quite a few SBOL members have registered. Will be a good time to get some work done.
  • SM is planning to go. RH and AL won't go due to schedule conflict and lack of travel support. HM has not decided.
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