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  • Tobias Czauderna (TC)
  • Stuart Moodie (SM)
  • Anatoly Sorokin (AS)
  • Falk Schreiber (FS)

SBGN related workshop

SM: Funding for a workshop in Edingburgh

Discussion about the best time (around 15/04, beginning of May?)

How long should the meeting be? - 3 days, maybe 4 days (lunch to lunch)

Aim of the meeting:

  • Kick-start SBGN
  • Content of next level of SBGN (Level 2)


  • SM will do survey with blocks of possible days

One day online / skype meeting


  • Similar to last one
  • Including all privious editors
  • TC will do survey of possible days
  • February / March

Other topics (from Alice via mail)

  • Symbol of the Month... Anyone wants to take responsibility for this?

--> FS will discus with NLN

  • I need to contact Nicolas Rodriguez if we want to change the look of the wiki (e.g. switch from a dark background to a lighter one)
  • Tobias migrated the SBGNML site onto the wiki, but the pages are not prefixed (like a new category) with SBGNML/, so they can't be told apart from the other SBGN pages. Maybe try and fix this?

--> TC will discus it directly with AV

  • Work on the PD specs: who, when, where, how, ...? (maybe cf below...?)
  • Meeting in Edinburgh mentioned by Anatoly a while ago?

How to increase user base

SM: Survey how SBGN is used

  • More people than on sbgn-discuss

FS: Tutorials at conferences

AS: Put it in email, on facebook etc

FS: (Part of) summer schools

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