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AF spec

HM: resent email concerning phenotype and pertubation (as a reminder)

TC: Anatoly made a branch to the spec and removed process at the moment

HM: we need some type of process (see next item on agenda)

SM: can use an activity to describe a process

HM: GO has a distinction between process and activity, glyph is associated with GO term (and there would be need to have a different glyph for process)

SM: Different glyph or different decorator?

HM: How can we represent a biological process (that's is missing)

Overview of the LEGO effort in GO

HM: background information: very similar to AF

HM: LEGO: logical extension of GO: each gene has functional process, gene has activity, activity effects process, may be part of something - need to capture these relationships

HM: explains LEGO on a graphical example, including a version in SBGN AF

HM: Tool for large scale curation of LEGO is on the way, idea: we could support this, it would provide many diagrams in SBGN AF, need: our spec needs to allow to capture what they have

SM: do we need to provide more than a process glyph?

We will continue the discussion in the mailing list (sbgn-discuss)

COMBINE 2014 and SBGN 10 planning

HM: meeting rooms, hotel rooms etc reserved (SBGN-10 and additional rooms for COMBINE)

HM: SBGN meeting before, at least one day during COMBINE for SBGN

HM and FS will prepare an agenda and send it to the standard editors for input


No editor is able to go, FS will investigate if update could be presented by e.g., former editor


How to keep SBGN alive, how to proceed without funding, where to get funding from (needs further discussion)

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