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SBGN editor conference call minutes March 25th, 2016.


The call will be rescheduled to a later date due to the lack of participation.

Agenda and Minutes

SBGN spec

SBGN software

  • Web-based? From scratch or using some open source tool? SBGNViz?
  • Estimation: 2-3 software developers for 1-2 years for basic functionality.
  • Have to better than CellDesinger in terms of usability.
  • List possible funding options. List of groups that would be interested to participate/contribute.

SBOLv support

  • Proposals to AF changes: SBOLv support
  • Please review first.
  • Get community feedback.


  • A way to improve the process of introducing changes into the SBGN languages. Keeping important suggestions and possible solutions in one place.
  • Using Google Docs and a page at with references to different Google documents.


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