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SBGN Editor Call, February 26, 2016

Participants: Alex, Augustin, Huaiyu, Nicolas, Robin

Agenda and Minutes

SBOL support

According to the COMBINE2015 report (\#heading=h.1i4sp2ieggud), there were three suggested changes from SBOL.

  1. Authorize to omit the AND glyph, and use a dot instead (the incoming branch merging).
  2. A regulation arc can point (or regulate) another regulation arc.
  3. A regulation arc can branch to regulate two nodes.

1 and 3 are not contentious and can be proposed to the community straight away. 3 should be propagated to the various specifications.

For 2, the evolutions would be semantically loaded. We need to discuss examples, and make sure we are able to have unambiguous representations, able to validate the maps etc. Once we agreed, we will have to provide the equivalent representation, for instance with logic nodes.

Let's discuss and come up with proposals for discussion in the general discussion list.

SBGN spec

We need to update the templates and the reference cards to keep them in sync wit the specifications.

SBGN competition

  • Target is COMBINE 2016
  • two categories: map and software
  • Robin takes care of e-mailing etc.
  • Huaiyu takes care of the prizes
  • Nicolas takes care of the webpages

SBGN website

The website is currently running OK. We will work on this during the 2016 Harmony. We may want to add web statistics tracking. AWS and google analytics were brought up. It was decided that we should use Google analytics track if we decide to do so.

Future funding to workshop and conferences

The question was brought as how to fund travel to future workshop and conferences. The NSF funding will end by August 2016.

Robin brought up the possibility of getting funding from the Canadian government (OICR?) to host workshop in Canada. It has to be medical related. Alex mentioned about a disease pathway repository being developed by the institute of Curie. There are other repositories such as Reactome and Panther that have medical related pathways. One requirement for this funding mechanism is the workshop has to be in Canada. It is not clear if it can be used to fund travel to events outside of Canada if there are leftover.

SBGN software support

The question was brought up as which software we should recommend our users to use to generate/edit SBGN pathway diagrams. Currently, people use CellDesigner or SBGN-ED. CySBGN is a viewer but can't be used for editing. Alex suggested that we should come up with a strategy.

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