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  • Specifications
  • Updates
  • COMBINE 2015
  • COMBINE coordination
  • Competition
  • Acccess to SBGN mailing lists

Present: Huaiyu Mi, Augustin Luna, Tobias Czauderna


  • HM: I will finish the AF spec next week or the week after.
  • AL: I have made spell checks and small changes to all specs (send by mail to the editors).
  • AL: I will focus on the ER spec.
  • TC: I will talk to Stuart about the PD spec.


  • AL: We are still working on the JavaScript SBGN Viewer, we have some issues with edge routing.
  • AL: We got funding for Pathway Commons.


  • HM: Very likely I will go.
  • AL: Depends on funding.
  • TC: Depends on funding.
  • HM: I applied for no cost extension for the funding from last year COMBINE.

COMBINE coordination

  • TC: What should the process be like?
  • HM: What are the responsibilities?
  • TC: I think, coordinators decide about applications from potential COMBINE/HARMONY hosts and make decisions about which standards are/will be part of COMBINE.
  • TC: I will send a mail to sbgn-discuss.


  • TC: Postponed to the next call.

Acccess to SBGN mailing lists

  • TC: I will prepare it for the next call.
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