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LibSBGN library

LibSBGN is the library for writing and reading SBGN-ML, a XML-based file format dedicated to the description of SBGN maps.

Source code:
Latest release:


LibSBGN is a library that deals with SBGN maps. It currently supports:

  • Reading / writing the SBGN-ML file format (XML-based format for description of SBGN maps)
  • Validation of semantical and syntactical correctness
  • Conversion to other formats such as SBML and BioPAX
  • Support for Java and C++



For tool developers

Software Support

LibSBGN is being adopted by a number of tools. A list of software supporting SBGN is available from

SBGN-ML Development Process

Implementation plan: SBGN-ML Roadmap

The development of LibSBGN is managed via:

Discussions and online meetings are available via: