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Milestone 2, December 2011

  • AF and ER languages are now supported in addition to PD
  • A utility script "sbgnutil" has been added for validating SBGN-ML, and for converting M1 to M2
  • Support for high-level validation using Schematron (in addition to low-level XSD validation)
  • The schema is now fully extensible through the Extension element
  • Java and C++ bindings have been updated

Major API Changes between Milestone 1 and Milestone 2:

  • Arcs must have id's, so you must call arc.setId() before writing out.
  • Map must have a language attribute, so you must call Map.setLanguage() before writing out
  • The GlyphClazz, ArcClazz and Language enums have been added to help ensure correctness of string values.
  • An arc can now have multiple subGlyphs, so a construct like arc.setGlyph(g) must be replaced with arc.getGlyph().add(g) or similar.
  • The glyph class "stiochiometry" has been renamed to "cardinality". The use of stoichiometry as a glyph class is no longer allowed.
  • New classes and methods have been added to support the AF and ER languages, such as Callout, Entity, etc.
  • Please note that two utility classes have been added to help backwards compatibility, namely: ConvertMilestone1To2 and SbgnVersionFinder

Milestone 1, January 2011

  • First public release
  • Support reading / writing of the PD language only. AF and ER are not supported.
  • Graphics are stored only at the global level, i.e. the bounding boxes of glyphs can be stored, but other graphical properties such as color and line-thickness are not supported.
  • Support low-level validation using XSD Schema
  • Both java and C++ bindings are available
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