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SBGN ML_Roadmap

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SBGN-ML Roadmap

  • Progress is designated using "milestones", to avoid confusion with the SBGN Levels and versions
  • This roadmap is about SBGN-ML only. Various LibSBGN implementations are expected to follow closely.

Milestone 1 (Released, Jan 2011)

  • Targeting PD Level 1 Version 1.2
  • Edge routing
  • Not yet complete definition of fonts and shapes.
  • XML Schema for validation

Milestone 2 (Released, Dec 2011)

  • Targeting all three languages: PD, ER and AF.
  • Resolve issues related ports, based on feedback from library implementation(s).
  • Support and test extensibility (i.e. open SBGN-ML up for third-party extensions)
  • Extra layer of validation based on schematron

Milestone 3 (Planned December 2016)

  • MIRIAM compliance (RDF annotations in extension)
  • Colors, line thickness, stylesheets (render extension)

Milestone 4

  • linking with external models (e.g. SBML, BioPAX)
  • Update to latest version of each spec.
    • Nested entities
    • Finalize Submaps
  • Complete specification for any compartment shape

Milestone 5

  • Detailed specification of all glyphs, i.e. roundness of rounded rectangles.
  • Delta / diff
  • Layered (Stack of) maps
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