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Concept and Features

The way that Schematron is used is that first the rule set is converted into a XML stylesheet (XSL), and then the dataset to be validated is transformed against the stylesheet to produce the validation report (see Basic Usage). A strength of Schematron is its ability to use XPath expressions to select XML instances, therefore a good understanding of XPath is essential (see XPath Links).


  • Schematron uses assertions (used to detects errors) and reports

(used to report affirmative instances).

  • Schematron supports workflows in which distinct groups of rules are

active; these are known as phases.

  • Schematron supports the reporting of diagnostic information.

Basic Usage

Here is an example using the Xalan XSLT processor:

# Xalan SCHEMATRON_SOURCE.sch ./schematron/iso_svrl_for_xslt1.xsl > SCHEMATRON_AS_XSL.xsl # Xalan FILE_TO_BE_VALIDATED.xml SCHEMATRON_AS_XSL.xsl > VALIDATION_REPORT.svrl

Schematron Tutorials and Tips

Schematron Documentation

Main Schematron Pages

Extending Schematron

XPath Links

Java XSLT Processors

Navigating Objects using XPath

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