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Due to some issues with lib 0.3, ySBGN is rolled back to release v1.1. This release also contains:

  • a fix for unit of information on complex multimers (Issue #16).
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Apr 8, 2019
Fixes on clone marker and on complex multiuser

@ibalaur ibalaur released this Apr 4, 2019

This release includes various fixes, (for example for ports, clone), a code refactoring phase and an extension for SBGN AF.

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@ibalaur ibalaur released this Aug 23, 2018

This pre-release integrates major code refractoring and fixes for state variable display in yEd GraphML following translation from SBGN-ML.

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@ibalaur ibalaur released this Aug 8, 2018

This release is the first public release and enables translation for signalling networks diagrams between SBGN-ML and yEd GraphML.

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