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Branding / What is Couch?

  • Replicator, HTTP, and JSON are key
  • couchapp/peer-2-peer vs bigdata => similarity is that it's a database
  • "CouchDB is a database"
  • The "DB" stands for "douche bag"
  • Don't future sell. We're smart, but experts - non experts will run away when they see what they have to do. There is a lot we can do very well now.
  • SLEEP (synchronizing event emitting persistence?) => RFC TIME!!

The Result

  • Optimize web site for personas
  • describes SLEEP
  • It's a database! With outlets! (for modules like SLEEP)

Code Contribution Flow

  • Copy jQuery's flow
    • Contribution guide
    • Team that's dedicated to this (pedantic with people skills)
    • Associated ticket and unit test(s)
  • Internally we need to read past white space issues and comment on what the patch is actually for/about.
  • Patches are languishing in JIRA => need to chop off the head or merge them
  • We need a place for people to do "crazy shit" (plugins?) that would not be merged into core
  • What is the tooling?
    • "No one gets hired for their JIRA contributions." (re: github)
    • We should mirror github and JIRA via a script (???)
    • Is there a linting tool for erlang?
  • Need to give feedback to contributors much more quickly (no more languishing)
  • Tooling is important, but we need to react
  • If someone is vetting tickets and they don't have the required knowledge to +1 a ticket, how do they pull people in for consent?

The Result

  • We need a consensus.
  • Figure out how to use our tools.
  • Need a team to set up the guidelines and work flow. They will be responsible for it.