Forum software created using Express, Vue, and Sequelize
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Vue Forum

Simple and beautiful forum software - created using Express, Vue, and Sequelize.
Click here for a link to the demo.


  • Mobile ready single-page application
  • Real-time notification system
  • Profile pictures
  • Infinite-scroll loading of posts and threads
  • @ mentions
  • Polls
  • Markdown editor
  • Inline link expansions for Twitter, GitHub, Wikipedia, and more to come
  • Admin dashboard for forum analytics
  • Multiple admin users
  • Moderation built in, including:
    • Locking or deleteing threads and posts
    • Blocking user IP address
    • Suspending users from creating posts or starting threads



forum homepage

Admin dashboard

forum dashboard

Admin settings page

forum general

Admin user page

forum users page

Admin moderation page

forum moderation


To install on Heroku:

  1. git clone && cd forum
  2. heroku login
  3. heroku git:remote -a <app-name>
  4. heroku config:set NODE_ENV=production
  5. heroku config:set SESSION_SECRET=<session-secret>
  6. Add database add-on, get database URL
  7. heroku config:set DATABASE_URL=<database-url>
  8. cd frontend && npm install
  9. npm run build
  10. Remove the line dist/ from .gitignore
  11. cd .. && git add -A && git commit -m "Update .gitignore"
  12. git push heroku master
  13. Visit the URL of the app and complete the on-screen instructions

N.B. the database here is assumed to be MySQL - to use Postgres or another you must install the corresponding driver on npm