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v0.4 :
* Refresh contact list when editing a contact in collected addressbook and having on_edit_move_to_default set to true (#68)
* Refresh contact list when copying a contact from collected addressbook and having on_edit_move_to_default set to true (Fix #69)
* Added polish translation. Thanks to Marcin Dorota (#72)
* Added lithuanian translation. Thanks to Kestutis M (#73)
v0.3.1 :
* Fix a bug that prevents RC < 0.8 to send mail with plugin activated (#67)
v0.3 :
* Added nl_NL translation (thanks to Daniel)
* Updated german translation (thanks to Dennis Riehle)
* Added zh_CN translation (thaks to FDF)
v0.3-rc1 :
* Populated documentation files (README and INSTALL) to have documentation available when installing offline
* Added Changelog File
* Fixed compatibility with other addressbook_plugins (#46)
* Fixed Add contact button disabled in default abook after viewing collected abook (#58).
Side effect is that you can now add contact in collected abook.
* Disabled contact groups in collected abook
* Added calls to exec_hook when creating or deleting a contact to improve compatibility with other plugins (thanks to Venia Legendi for submitting patch) (#56)
* Added user setting to use automatic abook for autocompletion or not. (#49)
* Updated database statements in SQL to reflect changes from RC 0.5
* Now call decode_address_list function from rcube_mime as it is deprecated from rcube_imap (#51)
* Fixed on_edit_move_to_default not working. Fixes #47. Also Fixes #25
* Defined plugin task list as advised in plugin writing documentation (maybe will improve performance ?)
* Added pear package.xml file. This way, the plugin is referenced in the about dialog of interface
* added vietnamese translation found on internet
v0.2 and before :
* previous releases