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Various certbot manual-hook scripts

This repository contains various scripts to be used as manual-hook with certbot.

These scripts are in charge of adding an entry to your domain DNS for letsencrypt validation pusposes and to cleanup this entry after validation.


The following scripts are included in this repository:

  • test: scripts for testing purposes only, it doesn't validate anything but instead prints the various environment variable certbot passes to him.
  • local-bind: To manage DNS zones when the bind zone file is directly accessible on the same machine (server being DNS master and web server simultaneously)
  • gandi-livedns: To be used when your DNS provider is gandi (only for domains migrated to Gandi's liveDNS service)
  • ovh: To be used when your DNS provider is OVH.


First, clone this repository into /opt/le-scripts

$ sudo git clone /opt/le-scripts

Then, adjust configuration of the script you need based on your exact DNS architecture.

Refer to the file in each script subdirectory for instructions on how to configure and use it.


Usage is usually in the form:

$ certbot certonly \
    --manual \
    --manual-auth-hook /path/to/auth-script \
​​    --manual-cleanup-hook /path/to/cleanup-script \
    -d '*.domain.tld'

for details, refer to the file in each script subdirectory.


These scripts and programs are distributed under the GNU GPL V3 licence or any later version.