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Open Tabs Next To Current

Open tabs that would normally be opened last next to the current one. Tabs that are being re-opened are thus not included. You can use Ctrl-Y (Ctrl-Shift-Y on Windows) to open a new tab at the default location.

Note for Chrome

Keyboard shortcuts are not automatically set up. You need to do that manually on the extension page in settings.

Note for Firefox

After the addition of the browser.tabs.insertAfterCurrent setting in about:config you do not need this extension anymore.

Known Issues

Caused by limitations of the webextension API, see #26 and #29:

  • tabs are visibly moved to their final position
  • the tab bar is scrolled so the opened tab becomes the first visible one on the left (Firefox only) - you can set browser.tabs.tabMinWidth in about:config to something low like 20 so the tab bar is not scrollable at all
  • when opening multiple tabs at once, only one of them is opened at the right position

Privacy Policy

This extension does not collect or send data of any kind to third parties.


You can report bugs or make feature requests on Github

Patches are welcome.