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Towers of Hanoi - CP/M version: generic and Commodore 128 specific
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Towers of Hanoi - CP/M version

Contents of package

  • source - Source code in Turbo Pascal 3.01A (Borland)
    • hanoi-p.pas - Portable version: uses just KayPro / ADM-3A escape sequences. Black and white.
    • hanoi128.pas - Commodore 128 specific version: uses low-level calls and specific escape sequences to get colours.
    • - Library needed by Commodore 128 specific version
  • binary - Compiled .COM executable files for CP/M-80
  • dists - Collection of CP/M bootable disk images for Commodore 128
    • hanoi.d71 - Includes CP/M boot code, all sources and binaries, some utilities
    • hanoi.d64 - Includes CP/M boot code, all sources and binaries


Thanks to TomHarte for his CP/M for OS X


Commodore 128 version

C128 version C128 version

Portable version

Portable version Portable version

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