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VIC Term

VICTerm is an ASCII/PETSCII Terminal emulator for Commodore VIC-20, written in C so it can run at 300/600/1200 baud. It was written initially as a just slight improvement to a BASIC demo program printed on the VIC-Modem guide, then it was ported to C in order to make it faster and more reliable.

It works under unexpanded VIC-20, but also versions for expanded ones are provided.

Executable files

  • victerm.prg: for unexpanded VIC-20s
  • victerm-expanded.prg: for expanded VIC-20s (from 8K to 32K expansion cartridges)
  • victerm-exp3k.prg: for VIC-20s with 3K expansion


  • Possibility to use the 21th column of the screen without producing a spurious newline. It's done implementing the cursor blinking through KERNAL routines instead of simulating it with BASIC instructions.
  • Implemented ASCII/PETSCII modes
  • In ASCII mode, chr(12) implements screen cleaning.
  • Possibility to connect at 300 / 600 / 1200 baud
  • Beep when receiving chr(7)
  • Toggle B&W / Classic colors.

How to compile

Run build.bat script, on both Windows and Linux/MacOS operating systems. CC65 compiler is required. It will generate three .prg executable files, the ones mentioned above.

All these three executables are included in this repo.


Thanks to Antonino Porcino and Fabrizio Caruso for their precious suggestions.



Original listing

This is the original program, which is printed on the VIC-Modem guide: