Simatic IOT2000 board support and libraries
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Simatic IOT2000 board support and libraries


  1. Install Arduino IDE
  2. Start Arduino IDE
  3. In Arduino IDE select File->Preferences
  4. Enter or copy-paste text in field Additional Borad Manager URL's:
  5. Close Preferences
  6. In Arduino IDE select Tools->Board xx->Boards Manager..
  7. Select Type: Contributed
  8. Select Simatic IOT2000 Devices by Siemens AG version x.x.x
  9. Press Install button

For transfer sketch over USB:

  1. Plug IOT2000 on usb port (use micro usb on IOT2000)
  2. Install driver from folder usb_driver (only for Windows 7)
  3. Select *Simatic IOT2000 device
  4. Select Port
  5. Upload sketch

For transfer sketch over LAN (works only on Windows now):

IOT2000 must have IP user root and no password and connected over LAN with PC

  1. Select Simatic IOT2000 Net device
  2. Upload sketch

Copyright and license

Copyright 2017 Sbl. Yolcubal. under the Apache 2.0 license.

Forked from:


Version changelog.

Library description.

Simatic and Simatic IOT2000 are trademark of Siemens AG.