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Thanks to Tim 'Scytale' Weber ( ) for the Levitation
idea and Python prototype. He kicked off the plan to convert Wikipedia to
an infrastructure around a DVCS.
Thanks to the git community, git coders, git documenters etc.
Thanks especially to Shawn Pearce for his excellent git-fast-import program
around which Levitation is centered. The source was very inspirational for my
own (stupid) version of it.
Thanks to Tim Bunce, Adam Kaplan et al. for Devel::NYTProf. If you're coding
Perl, want to have an efficient program and need a way to profile, this is the
way you _must_ take. I wish every programming language had such a profiling
Thanks to the nice folks (especially Matthias 'Hydrox' Söhnholz and BenBE)
on the #levitation channel at FreeNode IRC for providing inspiration and
testing feedback.
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