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@sboesebeck sboesebeck released this Apr 6, 2016 · 79 commits to master since this release

This is a pre-release of the Ergodox Layout generator. Well, for now it only generates PNGs describing the layout you have available as a keymap.c file in your qmk sources.

Feel free to use it for documenting your layers so that everybody can use it. The jar file in this release should be executeable. Usually by double clicking on it. If it does not work,

 java -jar ErgodoxLayoutGenerator-BETA.jar

started from the shell / console should work. If not... Well, it’s a early Beta ;-)

For best use:

  • first select the qmk-source dir by clicking on the corresponding button (lower left)
  • klick on "open"
  • you will be able to choose a layout in the qmk source (the directory)
  • then you should see the layout
  • you can then save the documentation png of all layers using the "save PNG" button.

This version was only tested on MacOSX - not sure if everything will work on Windows. Also, the saving of layouts and creation of completely new ones is not implemented yet.

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