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InfluxDB Driver for Morphium 3.x

This is an implementation of the MorphiumDriver interface in the morphium project.

Morphium was built to be a mongodb abstraction layer and driver. With Version 3.0 a new Driver architecture was introduced, making morphium able to work with theoretically any kind of database.

InfluxDB is a time series db which is something very different to mongodb and does not have a complex ql like a full blown SQL-DB.

Of course, using this driver will have some drawbacks, you will not be able to do everything, you could do with the CLI or a native driver.


  • send timeseries data to influxdb in an efficient and "known" way utelizing all the good stuff, morphium does offer (bulk requests etc)
  • simple cluster support
  • do simple queries to influx, gathering high level information

what this driver will not do:

  • help you visualizing things
  • administration of influxdb

How To

quite simple. Instanciate Morphium as usual, just set a different driver:

        MorphiumConfig cfg = new MorphiumConfig("graphite", 100, 1000, 10000);

        cfg.setLogLevelForClass(InfluxDbDriver.class, 5);
        Morphium m = new Morphium(cfg);

Sending Data do influx works same as if it was a mongodb:

            EntTest e = new EntTest();
            //fill with data ...            

reading from influx works also similar to mongodb, with minor changes:

  Query<EntTest> q=m.createQueryFor(EntTest.class).f("host").eq(hosts[0]).f("lfd").gt(12);
        q.addProjection("ret_code","group by");
        List<EntTest> lst=q.asList();
        System.out.println("Got results:"+lst.size());

you need to set the aggregation method as projection operator. Also the group by clause is modeled ther.

And one major hack: if you want to do queries using time constraints like where time > now() - 10d you need to query using time()as morphium needs to detect that this is not a field but a function you're calling:

 q=m.createQueryFor(EntTest.class).f("host").eq(hosts[1]).f("lfd").gt(12).f("time()").gt("now() - 100d");
        q.addProjection("ret_code","group by");