A plugin for IntelliJ to generate property enums. This helps a lot for Morphium-Entities
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Plugin for IntelliJ (2016.2.2) to generate property enums for Entities

This is related to the project moprhium [https://github.com/sboesebeck/morphium] the caching mongodb POJO Object Mapper. When querying mongodb, you usually need to define the field you are looking for as string - which kind of breaks the whole abstraction.

The plugin is now available in the IntelliJ IDE! If from inside the IDE use these directions IntelliJ Plugin Installation from inside the IDE

Search for "Fields to Enumeration Generator" under "Browse Repositories Dialog".

NOTE: Once installed just use "ALT + INSERT" and select "Generate Property Enums"

Use Enums instead of field name strings

Although you can both define the field string the way it's specified in java (so if you have a property String firstName you can either query firstName or first_name), it's error prone. Every mistype would cause an Exception. And there is no auto completion whats or ever

Morphium supports queries with Enums as field names. the idea is, to add a list of field names as enums for every entity. Problem is: you'd need to type that. hence i wrote this little pkugin to make things a bit easier...

It will create an Enum called Fields for all properties in your entity. So you can easily use them in Morphium queries:

  public class Persion {
      private ObjectId id;
      private String firstName;
      private String lastName;
      //getter and Setter here

      //generated fields
      public enum Fields { id, firstName, lastName }

When querying mongo with morpium you would use it like this:

   Query<Person> p=morphium.createQuery(Person.class);
   List<Person> lst=p.asList();

This makes it way less error prone and you can use IntelliJ auto completion to access your fields.

See [https://github.com/sboesebeck/morphium] for more information.