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Providing custom collection names

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#Name provider

mongo is really fast and stores a lot of date in no time. Sometimes it's hard then, to get this data out of mongo again, especially for logs this might be an issue (in our case, we had more than a 100 million entries in one collection). It might be a good idea to change the collection name upon some rule (by date, timestamp whatever you like). Morphium supports this using a strategy-pattern.

public class DatedCollectionNameProvider implements NameProvider{
    public String getCollectionName(Class<?> type, ObjectMapper om, boolean translateCamelCase, boolean useFQN, String specifiedName, Morphium morphium) {
        SimpleDateFormat df=new SimpleDateFormat("yyyyMM");
        String date=df.format(new Date());
        String ret=null;
        if (specifiedName!=null) {
        } else {
                String name = type.getSimpleName();
                if (useFQN) {
            if (translateCamelCase) {

        return ret;

This would create a monthly named collection like "my_entity_201206". In order to use that name provider, just add it to your @Entity-Annotation:

@Entity(nameProvider = DatedCollectionNameProvider.class)
public class MyEntity {


The name provider instances themselves are cached for each type upon first use, so you actually might do as much work as possible in the constructor. BUT: on every read or store of an object the corresponding name provider method getCollectionName is called, this might cause Performance drawbacks, if you logic in there is quite time consuming.

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