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The main motive to the project is to collect and identify similar events given an address

for eg:
lets say we have an URL of an event then our goal is to crawl the website and find at least 10 similar events. Our output should look more like this



The steps needed to successfully run the code

  • Install the dependent libraries
  • clone a local copy of the repository
  • locate the root directory
  • tweek the configuration parameters, if needed
  • execute the program

Install Dependent Libraries

This project uses scrapy framework to crawl the website and discover similar websites with a provided URL. so the system should start install scrapy to run the code. You can find the installation details here. It has all the dependences list and also instructions to install specific to the platform.

Clone the Local Repository

Use Git to clone the repository you could use

git clone

Locate the Root Repository

Directory structure of the whole code

  • EventCrawler
    • eventcrawler
      • scrapy.cfg- project meta file.
      • eventcrawler- root directory for the project.
        • This file has the structure of the item we are extracting from each crawl.
        • This file recieves the items from the spider where postproceessing takes place
        • This file has all the configuration parameters for every part of the project needed.
        • spiders
          • This is the main file which has all the code specifing how to crawl, how the linkextracter is, and what are the score function etc.

Tweek Configuration Parameters

You can modify the configuration parameters of the code by changing the values in

Execute The Program

We Use Scrapy to execute the program. Run the following command.

scrapy crawl event -a start_url=''

  • scrapy- command line tool.
  • crawl- start crawling a spider
  • "event" - name of the spider to run
  • -a - option for arguments
  • start-url- a place to start crawling

You can find more information on Scrapy command tools here or use scrapy -h command for help.

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