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Wordpress Import Script for SchnitzelPress


This is highly unstable, but that shouldn't be a problem since this also applies to SchnitzelPress ;-)


Markdown support now works thanks to DownmarkIt.

I adjusted the script slightly so that it now works with ruby 1.9.1 and the latest Schnitzelpress 0.2.0.

It's still a little experimental though, and you should check your imported postings for missing / bugged text or HTML code.

If you're getting errors, please contact me - I'd be happy if we could improve the script together.


  1. Export your Wordpress Articles (in WP -> Tools -> Export)
  2. Open wp-import.rb with a text editor of your choice
  3. Change the source variable to your Wordpress.xml file name and enter the database location
  4. If you want to use the local db I suggest you use for syncing between your local db and the heroku db
  5. run 'ruby wp-parser.rb'
  6. If errors occur, please try to install all of the needed gems - e.g. hpricot and schnitzelpress (sudo gem install $gemname)
  7. When using heroku mongo sync, don't forget to push your local db to heroku


This worked with WP 3.x, ruby 1.8.7, mongo 1.5.0, and schnitzelpress 0.1.1 This also worked with ruby 1.9.1, mongo 1.5.x and schnitzelpress 0.2.0