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A powerful audio playback engine for Mac OS X and iOS

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SFBAudioEngine is a set of C++ classes enabling applications to easily play audio in the following formats:

  • WAVE
  • AIFF
  • Apple Lossless
  • AAC
  • FLAC
  • MP3
  • Musepack
  • WavePack
  • Ogg Vorbis
  • Monkey's Audio
  • Ogg Speex
  • True Audio
  • All other formats supported natively by Core Audio

In addition to playback, SFBAudioEngine supports reading and writing of metadata for most supported formats.

SFBAudioEngine uses C++11 language features (such as delegated constructors and range-based for), but not C++11 STL features (such as std::shared_ptr). This means that clang must be used to compile SFBAudioEngine and any application using it, but either GNU's libstdc++ or clang's libc++ may be used provided that SFBAudioEngine's dependencies are compiled using the same library.

A command line audio player using SFBAudioEngine is as simple as:

#include <CoreFoundation/CoreFoundation.h>

#include "SFBAudioEngine/AudioDecoder.h"
#include "SFBAudioEngine/AudioPlayer.h"

#include <unistd.h>

int main(int argc, char *argv [])
    if(1 == argc) {
        printf("Usage: %s file [file ...]\n", argv[0]);
        return EXIT_FAILURE;

    AudioPlayer player;

    while(0 < --argc) {
        const char *path = *++argv;
        CFURLRef fileURL = CFURLCreateFromFileSystemRepresentation(kCFAllocatorDefault, 
                                                                   reinterpret_cast<const UInt8 *>(path), 

        AudioDecoder *decoder = AudioDecoder::CreateDecoderForURL(fileURL);

        CFRelease(fileURL), fileURL = NULL;

        if(NULL == decoder) {
            puts("Couldn't create decoder");

        if(!player.Enqueue(decoder)) {
            puts("Couldn't enqueue decoder");
            delete decoder, decoder = NULL;


    // Display progress every 2 seconds
    while(player.IsPlaying()) {
        CFRunLoopRunInMode(kCFRunLoopDefaultMode, 2, true);
        printf("%.2f / %.2f [%.2f]\n", player.GetCurrentTime(), player.GetTotalTime(), player.GetRemainingTime());


    return EXIT_SUCCESS;
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