A crash reporting framework for macOS
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SFBCrashReporter is a framework for submitting application crash logs to an HTTP server.

Adding SFBCrashReporter support to your application is easy:

  1. Add the URL for crash log submission as SFBCrashReporterCrashSubmissionURL to your application's Info.plist

  2. Add the following code to your application's delegate:

#import <SFBCrashReporter/SFBCrashReporter.h>

- (void) applicationDidFinishLaunching:(NSNotification *)aNotification
  // Check for and send crash reports
  [SFBCrashReporter checkForNewCrashes];

Adding support to your HTTP server to receive the crash logs is also easy. SFBCrashReporter comes with a PHP script that will e-mail the submitted crash logs to a specified email account.

  1. Install PHP!

  2. Modify handle_crash_report.php as appropriate.