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A metadata editor for audio files
Objective-C C++
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English.lproj Converted nibs to xibs
Tag.xcodeproj Updated project file to Xcode 3.1 format
AcknowledgmentsController.h Initial checkin/migration
AcknowledgmentsController.m Initial checkin/migration
Add.tiff Initial checkin/migration
AddTagSheet.h Initial checkin/migration
AddTagSheet.m Initial checkin/migration
AddTagSheetDelegateMethods.h Initial checkin/migration
Add_Pressed.tiff Initial checkin/migration
ApplicationDelegate.h Use Sparkle for updates. Fixes #1
CompilationButton.h Initial checkin/migration
CompilationButtonCell.h Initial checkin/migration
CompilationButtonCell.m Initial checkin/migration
EditorWindow.h Initial checkin/migration
FLACFile.h Added Monkey's Audio support
FLACFile.m Use builtin FLAC metadata functions
FileArrayController.h Added file watching support
FileArrayController.m Drag tags and rename files
FileSelectionSheetDelegateMethods.h Allow copying tags to multiple files
FilesTableView.h Initial checkin/migration
FilesTableView.m Enable paste for tags
Genres.h Initial checkin/migration
Genres.m Initial checkin/migration
GuessTagsSheet.h Allow copying tags to multiple files
GuessTagsSheet.m Enable buttons if awakeFromNib if pattern present (mantis 104)
GuessTagsSheetDelegateMethods.h Initial checkin/migration
Info.plist Use Sparkle for updates. Fixes #1
KeyValueTaggedFile.h Drag tags and rename files
KeyValueTaggedFile.m Use DESCRIPTION and DATE vs. COMMENT and YEAR
OggVorbisFile.h Added Monkey's Audio support Updated #include for framework name change
PreferencesController.h Initial checkin/migration
Remove.tiff Initial checkin/migration
Remove_Pressed.tiff Initial checkin/migration
RenameFilesSheet.h Allow copying tags to multiple files
RenameFilesSheet.m Enable buttons if awakeFromNib if pattern present (mantis 104)
ServicesProvider.h Initial checkin/migration
ServicesProvider.m Allow sorting of files (mantis #71)
Tag.icns Initial checkin/migration
Tag.sdef Basic AppleScript support
TagArrayController.h Initial checkin/migration
TagArrayController.m Drag tags and rename files
TagArrayControllerDelegateMethods.h Initial checkin/migration
TagEditor.h Standardize UI
TagEditor.m Use NSMultipleValuesMarker
TagFile.icns Added Monkey's Audio support
TagTableView.h Add copy/paste for tags
TagTableView.m Add copy/paste for tags
UKFNSubscribeFileWatcher.h Added file watching support
UKFNSubscribeFileWatcher.m Added file watching support
UKFileWatcher.h Added file watching support
UKFileWatcher.m Added file watching support
UKKQueue Readme.txt Added file watching support
UKKQueue.h Added file watching support
UKKQueue.m Added file watching support
UKMainThreadProxy.h Added file watching support
UppercaseStringValueTransformer.h Initial checkin/migration
UppercaseStringValueTransformer.m Initial checkin/migration
WavPackFile.h Initial checkin
WavPackFile.m Updated for new WavPack framework built with 4.41.0
WavPackHelperFunctions.h Updated for new WavPack framework built with 4.41.0
WavPackHelperFunctions.m Drag tags and rename files
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