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A simple online calculator to estimate the cost of public sector meetings
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Ever wondered how much your team meetings cost? The Meeting Cost Calculator lets you calculate an estimated cost for meetings, using the standard pay rates used by a variety of public sector organizations.

  • Data for the core public service is adapted from the TBS Rates of Pay website, and data for the Canadian Armed Forces is adapted from the DND Pay Rates website.
  • Meeting costs are determined by converting annual salaries into hourly rates, then multiplying these against the elapsed time. Salary classifications with a range of levels are simplified to minimum, maximum, and median rates, which can be selected under the gear options menu.

Feedback and improvements are welcome! You can create an issue or get in touch via Twitter.

An Ottawa Civic Tech project, built by Sean Boots. Thanks to Dan, Conor, Corey, David, Miceal, and Gordon for ideas and contributions!

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