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sbopkg 0.38.2 (2022-03-10 16:29 UTC)

	* sqg: Parallelize building of single and all packages by option -j.
	  Patch by Marcel Saegebarth.
	* sqg: Introduced new simple filesystem cache.
	  This will reduce queue generation time significantly when
	  invoked with -j N+1 (N: Number of cores)
	  Patch by Marcel Saegebarth.
        * sqg: Generate one queue file for multiple programs by option -o.
          The output queue filename is user-defined.
          You can then run sbopkg -i <queue-name> to install all packages+deps.
          Feature Request by Jeremy/bassmadrigal (Fixed #13).
          Implement contributions from Marcel Saegebarth.
        * sqg: Added manual page for sqg.
	* sbopkg: No need to do complete check for old sources if no sources available
	  Initial patch by Loki Harfagr
	* sbopkg: Added support for Slackware 15.0
	* sbopkg: Added new option in sbopkg.conf: BLACKLISTFILE
          This is used to define blacklisted package(s)
          Feature Request by khronosschoty
        * sbopkg: Show version when using -g in command line
          Patch by Yaroslav Shmelev.
        * sbopkg: Add optional sandbox support.
          Initial patch by Orbea (#49).
        * sbopkg: Add logrotate support.
          Feature Request by wronguser (#50).
        * sbokg: Add better non-interactive/cron run support
          Initial patch by smallid (#56).
        * sbopkg: Add more detection to local repository
          Initial patch by arcctgx (#58)
        * sbopkg: Show new version in view queue in GUI
          Patch by Geremia (#62)
        * sbopkg: Faster clone on SBo-git configuration
          Patch by djunzu (#67)
	* sbopkg: Checking for updates is now twice faster.
	  Patch by Benjamin Trigona-Harany (#68)

	* bash-completion: Complete -i and -b when git repo is used
	  Patch by Sergey V.
        * move sqg functions to /usr/libexec
	  Patch by Marcel Saegebarth
        * use exit 1 when rsync failed instead of 0
        * Fix 90-SBo-master.repo to accomodate SBo's new server
          Patch by Matteo Bernardini
        * Remove SKIP_EMPTY option.
        * Fix wrong glob expansion
          Patch by Alan
        * Use correct SlackBuild file name to build package
          Patch by Erich Ritz
        * Fix bug in updates_compare_versions()
          Patch by arcctgx (#41)
        * Fix parsing errors with shellcheck.
          Patch by orbea (#42)
        * Increase timeout on update detection (#43)
        * sqg: Check for invalid .info files before processing.
        * Support update ability for -current repo
          Patch by JK Wood, reviewed by Matteo Bernardini (#51)
        * Fix file ownership changes when unpacking tarball
          Patch by pv4 (#54)
        * Handle upper case value for MD5SUMS
        * Better handling at git repository during bad network connection.
          Patch by Urchlay
        * sqg: Use /root/.sbopkg.conf if it exists.
        * Set the tag for SBo-git to _SBo to match the rest of the packages.
        * By default, sbopkg will not ask for directory creation for initial startup.
        * Fix sbopkg SlackBuild to reflect latest changes (nobodino)
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sbopkg 0.38.1 (2016-09-01 13:42 UTC)

    * Added option to download from third party source repository
      in case the one mentioned in .info failed or having bad checksums.
    * Added new option in sbopkg.conf: SRC_REPO
      This is used to define third party source repository
      sbopkg: Added option to download from third party source.

    * Do not use wildcard for GPG checking (Fix #19)
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sbopkg-0.38.0 (2016-07-01 16:52:27 UTC)

* Add --no-group to rsync so files are owned by root:root
  Patch by pyllyukko
* Updated es translations (Dhaby Xiloj)
* Moved sqg to /usr/sbin
    * Added support for Slackware 14.2.
    * Update queue sample files
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sbopkg-0.37.1 (2015-10-26 16:58:15 UTC)

* Add --visit-items option in certain part of dialog to help
  disabled people
* Added SBo master branch repo (git)


* Move PIDFILE to global variable
* Update copyright
* Transitions from to
* Remove SVN-stuff
* Fix sqg branch to 14.1 by default.
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sbopkg 0.37.0 (2013-12-09 15:10 UTC)


    * This release of sbopkg is Slackware 14.1-ready. Congrats to
      the entire Slackware team for another great release!
    * Sbopkg now has a -B flag which will allow the user to
  process the queue from the command line in 'bulk' without
  confirmation first.


    * No other modifications have been made.