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Commits on May 01, 2010
@craiggwilson craiggwilson fixed failing test 0e2dfe6
@craiggwilson craiggwilson Merge branch 'typedcollections' into clientjoin
Commits on May 02, 2010
@craiggwilson craiggwilson removed temporary join support. 2c73b5a
Commits on May 04, 2010
@craiggwilson craiggwilson added some linq extensions and a special case where the linq predicat…
…e is always true.
@craiggwilson craiggwilson added string length into javascript formatter. 58e2610
Commits on May 05, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Merge remote branch 'craig/typedcollections' into typedcollections 9591b3c
@craiggwilson craiggwilson fixed boolean parameter bug. ba975aa
@lanwin lanwin Add failing Linq Enum Query test. ef2de6a
@lanwin lanwin Fix some minor compiler warnings. 506af8b
@lanwin lanwin Add better comment to BsonReader ReadAsLocalTime property. 2a7ca5b
@lanwin lanwin Add ReadAsLocalTimeProperty to Connection. 00a8a8a
@lanwin lanwin Its now possible to load propertys of type enum. 219374d
@lanwin lanwin Minor. 68a125f
@lanwin lanwin Enable ReadLocalTime by default since its the behavior the most .Net …
…developers would expect.
@lanwin lanwin Add GetBsonReaderSettings to SerializationFactory. This allows to pas…
…s Read configuration options down to the protocol.
@craiggwilson craiggwilson Merge remote branch 'lanwin/typedcollections' into typedcollections
Commits on May 06, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Refactored ISerializationFactory to use GetBsonWriterSettings instead…
… of GetBsonDescriptor directly.
@lanwin lanwin Add collection.Remove and mare collection.Delete as obsolete because …
…that match more the javascript client.
@lanwin lanwin Merge remote branch 'craig/typedcollections' into typedcollections 8cea9ed
@lanwin lanwin Fix Cursor dose redirect all Methods to its inner Cursor. a203331
@lanwin lanwin Fix Explain and Hint. 7b25618
Commits on May 07, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Add the possibility to create mapped classes from a protected constru…
…ctor but not from a private one.
@lanwin lanwin Minor. 963a45f
Commits on May 08, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Add MSBuild deployment script. 21e4573
@lanwin lanwin Fix compiler warnings. 1a0c9b0
@lanwin lanwin Some fixes for Deploy.proj. 44fc7b2
@lanwin lanwin Allow to read and write mapped protected object property. 262f39c
Commits on May 09, 2010
@craiggwilson craiggwilson added immutable IMongoConfiguration since when it gets built, it shou…
…ld never change.
@craiggwilson craiggwilson added MongoDB.DataContext 3420e3d
Commits on May 11, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Refactore MapReduce. MapReduce is renamed to MapReduceCommand which i…
…s now not more then a data holder. MapReduceBuilder is renamed to MapReduce and gets the functions of the old MapReduce.
@lanwin lanwin Remove bad files from git. ef11a31
@lanwin lanwin Move MapReduceCommand to new Commands folder. 1cdc535
@lanwin lanwin ReEnable exception. 1588ddf
@lanwin lanwin Add method GetDatabases to Mongo. af1489d
@lanwin lanwin Move MapReduce to use generics. Currently some linq tests are failing. 41d4628
@lanwin lanwin Add FindOne(string javascriptWhere) 79eebe4
Commits on May 12, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Allow to deserialize propertys with nullable values. a4046e7
@lanwin lanwin Use better way of detecting the Nullable underlying type. 44818c1
@lanwin lanwin Fix bug in last commit. efe2e5e
@craiggwilson craiggwilson fixed javascript translator to for map reduce. 56850c0
@lanwin lanwin Fix merge errors. 90b0912
@lanwin lanwin Made MapReduce non generic again, since we dose not need it to be gen…
Commits on May 13, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Add failing test for reusable cursors. b7c31a9
Commits on May 14, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Refactored cursor code and fix CSHARP-24 Make Cursors reusable. ce20f4b
@lanwin lanwin Better disposing behavior of cursor. 54bd94b
@lanwin lanwin Minor. 6f2907b
@lanwin lanwin Add failing test for Dictionary serialization. 6990f9b
@craiggwilson craiggwilson Merge remote branch 'lanwin/typedcollections' into typedcollections
Commits on May 15, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Add support for Dictionary serialization and deserialization. 38cc8ec
@lanwin lanwin Add support for HashSets. 901e83d
@craiggwilson craiggwilson Merge remote branch 'lanwin/typedcollections' into typedcollections b3ba174
@craiggwilson craiggwilson added Dictionary adapters to allow for custom mapping of embedded doc…
@craiggwilson craiggwilson serialization of dictionaries works. b33bccb
Commits on May 16, 2010
@craiggwilson craiggwilson added support for deserialization of dictionaries with complex types. 5004bf4
Commits on May 17, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Merge with craig. 391fe44
@lanwin lanwin Made OidGenerator internal since Oid.NewId() is more appropriate. fa6f84c
@lanwin lanwin Better formatting for Oid.
Add Serializable to Oid.
@lanwin lanwin Fix compiler warnings. 3e1d845
@lanwin lanwin Allow to seal the configuration to made it immutable when it is used …
…with Mongo.
@lanwin lanwin Minor. df4c8d2
@lanwin lanwin Minor. d99660c
@lanwin lanwin Fix Cursor Finalizer Exception if connection is closed before. 044a26c
@lanwin lanwin Sync naming of IsModifiable. 9c723a1
@lanwin lanwin Rename MongoConfigurationTests to MongoConfigurationBuilderTests cb58440
Commits on May 18, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Add MongoConfigurationTests. 3bab1ac
@lanwin lanwin Remove ConnectionState in favor of an IsConnected property since the …
…ConnectionState is already only true or false.
@lanwin lanwin Extend Binary type, add IEquatable<Binary>, ICloneable, IEnumerable<b…
…yte>, implicit conversion to byte[] and back and add Tests.
@lanwin lanwin Minor. 561c4dd
@lanwin lanwin Extend BsonWriter to write byte[] as Binary. 34ee4e6
@lanwin lanwin Remove Document IEqualityComparer because it only is for testing if t…
…he given key already exists.

Add Document IComparer<string> overload and ensure ordering if a comparer is given.
Commits on May 19, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Extract TypeCode to BinarySubtype. f1c3511
@lanwin lanwin Fix null reference bug. 95f794b
@lanwin lanwin Add failing tests for Dictionarys which has non string based key. 5596d8e
Commits on May 20, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Fix Write IDictionary's with non string key type. 9b58046
@lanwin lanwin Disable modifier tests. 33654ee
@lanwin lanwin Cleanup test. 9941c30
@lanwin lanwin More cleanup to better understand the tests. dfe1d94
@lanwin lanwin Minor cleanup. d3b6d1d
@lanwin lanwin Fix DatabaseJavascript failing test. 81be991
@lanwin lanwin Some minor cleanups. 148d713
@lanwin lanwin Change the Cursor to auto close the database cursor after a documents…
… where enumerated. This should prevent a lot open database cursors when people are forgetting to dispose the cursor.

Add KeepCursor method to the Cursor which can disable the above behavior.
@lanwin lanwin Add empty MongoRegex test. 648f5d7
Commits on May 21, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Allow to inherit from MongoConfiguration, override ValidateAndSeal an…
…d call TryModify from there.
@lanwin lanwin Extend the BsonWriter to write TimeSpan as Ticks (which is its minima…
…l unit).
@lanwin lanwin Extend BsonWriter to write Uri as string. 5f3f6cb
@lanwin lanwin More Exceptions as Serializeable. 8c9106f
@craiggwilson craiggwilson refactored dictionary adapter for performance and to handle non-strin…
…g keys.
@lanwin lanwin Fix some warnings. 7b95a5b
Commits on May 22, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Cleanup OidTests. 3194b43
@lanwin lanwin Add Oid serialization tests. 66191c4
@lanwin lanwin Add Document serialization tests. 03663ba
@lanwin lanwin Add failing serialization tests to Binary, DBRef, Document, MongoRege…
…x and MongoSymbol.
@lanwin lanwin Fix XmlSerialization for Oid. 5487d33
@lanwin lanwin Mark Binary as Serializeable. bfa85c7
@lanwin lanwin Add failing binary test for equality. 656d955
@lanwin lanwin Fix equality for Binary. cf4030b
@lanwin lanwin Fix XmlSerialization for Binary. 37e15f5
@lanwin lanwin Fix equals form MongoSymbol. 922b3d8
@lanwin lanwin Fix XmlSerialization for MongoSymbol. 9fbba0f
@lanwin lanwin Mark MongoRegex as Serializable. e0cec6a
@lanwin lanwin Add XmlSerializable Tests for Code, CodeWScope, MongoServerEndPoint.
Fix XmlSe
@lanwin lanwin Fix XmlSerialization tests for MongoRegex.
Add some more MongoRegex tests.
@lanwin lanwin Mark Code Serializeable.
Fix Code XmlSerialization.
Add Code Equals.
Add some more Code tests.
@lanwin lanwin Mark CodeWScope as Serializable.
Add some CodeWScope tests.
Can not be XmlSerialized because of the complex subtype.
@lanwin lanwin Fix XmlSerialization for Document. 8562b68
@lanwin lanwin Add some more quality members to DBRef.
Add Serializable to DBRef.
@lanwin lanwin Fix missing System.Xml reference.
Make CodeWScope not longer depend on Code.
Add fix some more failing XmlSerializer tests.
@lanwin lanwin Add equality o MongoServerEndPoint.
Fix XmlSerialization for MongoServerEndPoint.
@lanwin lanwin Seal Oid to prevent harm when someone change the Oid impl. 91c4af4
@lanwin lanwin Seal Binary, Code, CodeWScope, MongoRegex and MongoServerEndPoint to …
…prevent issues with override classes.
@lanwin lanwin Add copy constructor for Oid. bade4b4
@lanwin lanwin Minor. 86fe919
Commits on May 23, 2010
Craig Wilson changed reflection optimizer to use expression trees for property set…
…ter due to mono not liking the il emission.
@craiggwilson craiggwilson fixed Oid test. fixed an issue with indexers in the DefaultMemberFind…
…er. Allowed private setters in the DefaultMemberFinder.
Commits on May 24, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Merge remote branch 'craig/typedcollections' into typedcollections b2c7bfb
Commits on May 25, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Change default configuration section name to mongo instead of Mongo w…
…hich match the nameingconventions in app.config files.
@lanwin lanwin Add tests for non default sections name. 07ba474
@lanwin lanwin Rename Configuration/ConfigurationSectionTests to Configuration/Mongo…
@lanwin lanwin Add test infrastructure to test different configuration section scena…

Allow to create or update MongoConfiguration from MongoConfigurationSection.
@lanwin lanwin Minor base test rename. bbc0782
@lanwin lanwin Move OidGenerator to Uitl. Oids can be generated via Oid.NewOid() d5675b6
@lanwin lanwin MongoConfiguration.Default is generated once per App an reads configu…
…ration search if present.
@lanwin lanwin Minor base test rename. 9bc6ac0
@lanwin lanwin Add ReadLocalTime to section. bc0a88c
@lanwin lanwin Minor rename. dfb44d0
@lanwin lanwin Minor cleanup. 2aba834
@lanwin lanwin Minor cleanup. 5e288db
@lanwin lanwin More minor cleanup. 0684a22
@lanwin lanwin Move IdGenerationException to Exceptions folder.
Move section sub elements to sub folder.
Move MomberRefelctionOptimizer to Mapping/Uitl
@lanwin lanwin Minor cleanup. 6ded4a5
Commits on May 26, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Minors. 64871a7
@lanwin lanwin Fix NullReferenceException do to a change in AutoMappingStore. 7b36dc7
Commits on May 31, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Add failing linq test for null checks. e291beb
@lanwin lanwin Add failing linq test where a child object is null when the object is…
… used with a complex local projection.
@craiggwilson craiggwilson moved tests 718c478
@craiggwilson craiggwilson fixed Linq null queries. 5d3fe70
@craiggwilson craiggwilson fixed issue with a flattening projection and still maintaining the or…
…iginal hierarchy.
Commits on Jun 01, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Introduce MongoRegexOption which allows to simply set the option with…
…out knowing the correct char. It dose noting more then changing the RawOptions so future server extensions are still possible with it.
@lanwin lanwin Move value conversion to separate ValueConverter class. 33c6f73
@lanwin lanwin Fix Conversion of Arrays while deserialization (in case the elements …
…are int but the dest array a ENUM)
@lanwin lanwin Merge remote branch 'craig/typedcollections' into typedcollections 90ffd0f
@lanwin lanwin Cleanup. 8474744
@lanwin lanwin Check in failing null test linq test with class types instead of valu…
…e types.
@lanwin lanwin Enable construction of MongoRegex from Regex. 5ae43be
@lanwin lanwin Add MongoRegex.BuildRegex which creates an Net Regex. 93544ea
@lanwin lanwin BsonWriter can now write .Net Regex as MongoRegex. 106f724
Commits on Jun 02, 2010
@craiggwilson craiggwilson fixed null tests in the linq provider. 17e3d57
@lanwin lanwin Code cleanup. 41b19cb
@lanwin lanwin Give the user a meaningful exception message when here tries to write…
… a Decimal.
@lanwin lanwin More cleanup. 0a64703
Commits on Jun 03, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Fix auth bug where auth only was done when a command was send instead…
… when another message was send.
Commits on Jun 04, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Use Convert.ToBoolean(result["ok"]) instead of (double)result["ok"] f492b4a
Commits on Jun 09, 2010
unknown Corrected some spelling dose -> does
Fixed time zone tests to not be dependent on a particular local time zone.
@lanwin lanwin Merge remote branch 'samus/typedcollections' into typedcollections 580be4f
Commits on Jun 11, 2010
Sam Corder Changed file modes. de04f6a
Sam Corder Merge branch 'typedcollections' d8f6184
Sam Corder Incremented the version number to for the beta release. c6dca25
@lanwin lanwin Minor out test change. 664c599
@lanwin lanwin Merge branch 'typedcollections' 0a2a74b
@lanwin lanwin Fix Cursor dose not pass Fields to Cursor<Document> ff2f0dd
Commits on Jun 12, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Mark ICursor and IMongoCollection as Obsolete. 80c4d55
@lanwin lanwin Merge branch 'master' into 090beta2 60e3d41
@lanwin lanwin Start making not users types internal.
Connection is now internal.
@lanwin lanwin All Connection stuff is now internal. 251ff15
@lanwin lanwin Entire protocol is now internal. 5ac0b8c
@lanwin lanwin Made all Util internal. 3678315
@lanwin lanwin Move TypeHelper to Util. ca31b03
@lanwin lanwin Move LinqExtensions to root namespace. 3c05eff
@lanwin lanwin Move InvalidQueryException to Exceptions folder. 0b34128
@lanwin lanwin Made linq stuff internal. 9565f34
Commits on Jun 14, 2010
@CaptainCodeman CaptainCodeman Fix error when creating mapping using MongoConfigurationBuilder (supp…
…ort value + reference types)
@lanwin lanwin Add tests to read an write nagative dates. b3c7e17
Commits on Jun 18, 2010
@craiggwilson craiggwilson changed the test to reflect actual usage. f531164
@lanwin lanwin Add failing SortedList serialization and deserialization tests. 91f770a
@lanwin lanwin Merge remote branch 'craig/master' into 090beta2 eded1d5
@lanwin lanwin Fix SortedList Serialization. Deserialization still failing. a95cc7e
@lanwin lanwin Fix nagative date reading test. 25ab7ea
@lanwin lanwin Fix Deserialization of SortedList's. 5ca3f3c
Commits on Jun 20, 2010
@craiggwilson craiggwilson fixed JIRA:CSHARP-42 related to linq and an empty field selection lis…
…t. Since it was a derived type, we were adding the discriminator which caused MongoDB to only bring back the discriminator.
@craiggwilson craiggwilson fixed a bug related to discriminators and extended properties. bb7b492
@craiggwilson craiggwilson added configuration support for Id. ce841da
@lanwin lanwin Merge remote branch 'craig/master' into 090beta2 0ca7fb4
@lanwin lanwin Rename MetaData propertys to Metadata. ab343f8
@lanwin lanwin Fix some compiler warnings. cd7f622
@samus samus Fixed GridFS bug where deleting by filename didn't delete the file ch…
Commits on Jun 21, 2010
@craiggwilson craiggwilson - upgraded GridFS.Tests 28c9c8e
@craiggwilson craiggwilson finished integration of id configuration additions. 804c3fd
Commits on Jun 24, 2010
@craiggwilson craiggwilson added exception when a member map is used with an _id alias. e04ebe2
Commits on Jun 27, 2010
@craiggwilson craiggwilson added failing test for boolean in conjunction 1132b06
@craiggwilson craiggwilson fixed failing test for boolean in conjunction 63581ce
@craiggwilson craiggwilson fixed a nasty bug related to flipping binary comparison operations wh…
…en the left side was a constant.
Commits on Jun 28, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Merge remote branch 'samus/master' into 090beta2
@lanwin lanwin Fix merge error. b9662dd
@lanwin lanwin Fix failing test. 53a453a
Commits on Jun 29, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Add failing byte[] property deserialization test. 14df5eb
@lanwin lanwin Fix collection adapter should not handle byte[] 1b55794
@lanwin lanwin Cleanup. faa64ed
@lanwin lanwin Fix CanWriteByteArrayPropertyFromBinary 4a0c044
@lanwin lanwin Fix NullReferenceException when accessing Connection.EndPoint without…
… being connected.
Commits on Jun 30, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Add failing TestHandlingRetrievalOfUnderscoredFieldsAfterFindAndModif…
…y Tests.
Commits on Jul 01, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Add a second failing test which more describes the problem. ed91b95
@lanwin lanwin Remove DocumentDictionaryAdapter since Documents are a special case. …
…This fix the failing embedded document tests.
Commits on Jul 06, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Rename ConnectionFactory to ConnectionFactoryFactory. 0e4a824
@lanwin lanwin MongoConnectionStringBuilder cleanup. a4a2f92
@abolibibelot abolibibelot Deleted unreachable test 33aba6c
@abolibibelot abolibibelot MemberReflectionOptimizer is now threadsafe 9df84d1
@abolibibelot abolibibelot fix tabs and spaces mixup 90eaeb0
@abolibibelot abolibibelot Various custom exceptions are now cross-appdomain friendly e3863d1
@trayburn trayburn IMongo should be IDisposable since Mongo is 9ad8a6f
@lanwin lanwin Merge remote branch 'remotes/abo/master' 69e7c91
Commits on Jul 07, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Add IDictionary support to Document but as explicit interface impleme…
Commits on Jul 08, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Remove Document.Contains(key) in favor of the IDictionary<>.ContainsK…
…ey. We dont not need both.
Commits on Jul 09, 2010
@craiggwilson craiggwilson fixed test 79c181a
@craiggwilson craiggwilson added MongoIdAttribute e1630d0
@craiggwilson craiggwilson changed PersistNull to PersistDefaultValue and added implementation i…
…nto serialization.
@craiggwilson craiggwilson support for Any in Linq Provider ab62f7e
Commits on Jul 14, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Add a test+solution for serializeing Enums as number when they are us…
…ed as Dictionary key.
@lanwin lanwin Fix the failing test. 893fba8
@lanwin lanwin Merge remote branch 'craig/master' 828ea90
Commits on Jul 16, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Add test +fix for null dictionary propertys. af02623
@lanwin lanwin Fix compiler warning. 05c9317
Commits on Jul 20, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Change the ! test, it currently should fail because the server dose n…
…ot behave as we expecting.
Commits on Jul 21, 2010
@craiggwilson craiggwilson fixed formatting of javascript in the linq implementation., CSHARP-52 84bc53d
Commits on Jul 22, 2010
@craiggwilson craiggwilson changed date to day 3a64923
@lanwin lanwin Merge remote branch 'craig/master' 53b848a
@craiggwilson craiggwilson javascript months are 0 based. 8e3705f
@craiggwilson craiggwilson updated readme. 83750c0
Commits on Jul 30, 2010
@samus samus Merge branch 'master' of git:// 6fd8ac4
@craiggwilson craiggwilson fixed a bug related to inheritance and the count operator. 62fc6e4
@craiggwilson craiggwilson changed builder to assume that if the discriminator did not show up t…
…hen the class is the base class.
Commits on Aug 02, 2010
unknown Merge remote branch 'craig/master' f604a53
Commits on Aug 09, 2010
@CaptainCodeman CaptainCodeman Convert RegexOptions to MongoRegexOption when translating expression …
…for Linq

Allows more control over type of Regex match, e.g.
(x => Regex.IsMatch(x.Name, "^" + prefix, RegexOptions.IgnoreCase)

Also fixed bug where setting IgnoreCase would also set IgnorePatternWhitespace (MongoRegexOption flags overlapped)
unknown Merge remote branch 'samus/master' 93ccee0
unknown Fix Test. 1ee5f56
@craiggwilson craiggwilson adding tests for inheritance 1b12023
@craiggwilson craiggwilson added more tests for inheritance 9b0e02b
@craiggwilson craiggwilson fixed broken test related to populating a non-abstract base class 1ff7ff6
@craiggwilson craiggwilson cleaning up a little e543727
@craiggwilson craiggwilson added better error message for a request to instantiate an abstract c…
@craiggwilson craiggwilson began working on reworking the serialization to accomodate inheritanc…
…e needs.
Commits on Aug 10, 2010
@craiggwilson craiggwilson fixed projection problems with inheritance af265ba
@craiggwilson craiggwilson Merge remote branch 'samus\master' 30d8109
unknown Merge remote branch 'craig/master' 059cdc9
Commits on Aug 11, 2010
unknown Cleanup. 068ec3c
unknown Remove Dummy Test ecf82e4
unknown Add failing linq extension test. e8b3b74
Commits on Aug 27, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Fix #CSHARP-59 FindAndModify(object document, object spec, object sor…
…t) causes stack-overflow.
Commits on Aug 30, 2010
@lanwin lanwin Protect AutoMappingStore from Threading issues. f662081
Commits on Sep 06, 2010
@lanwin lanwin FindAndModify add fields and upsert. e09bd0d
@lanwin lanwin More find and modify improvments. 6397a0f