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SiriCal is a simple limited solution to handle iOS 5 Siri feature in your Ruby app :

  • provides Siri helpers to your ruby app by synchronizing google calendar events.
  • an alternative limited solution before Apple release an API for Siri.
  • relies on google_calendar gem : google_calendar.

This gem is much inspired by Tyson Tale's hack: siri_says.


Rails app

You can use the latest Rails 3 gem with the latest SiriCal gem:

In your gemfile

gem 'siri_cal'

or using rubygems

gem install siri_cal

After you install SiriCal, you need to run the generator:

rails generate siri_cal:install

The generator will install:

  • an initializer which describes most SiriCal’s configuration options.
  • a step file which describe siri sayings


Add the calendar:

  1. Settings
  2. "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
  3. "Add Account..."
  4. "Other"
  5. "Add CalDAV Account"
    • Server:
    • Username:
    • Password: ___________
    • Description: "sirical"
  6. "Next"

Choose the calendar as default so Siri will add events to it:

  1. Settings
  2. "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
  3. "Default Calendar" --> sirical


A model

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many  :movies

Be sure to have 2 fields containing your google calendar

  • login (siriable_login here)
  • password (siriable_password here)

db/schema.rb should look like:

create_table "users", :force => true do |t|
  t.string   "name"
  t.string   "siriable_login"
  t.string   "siriable_password"
  t.datetime "created_at"
  t.datetime "updated_at"

In lib/siri_says/default.rb

says /a movie (.+)/i do |movie_name|
  puts "[Siri] Movie '#{movie_name}' scheduled by #{} at #{@event.start_time}"
  • @object is the User instance "bob"
  • @event is the Google::Event instance

Tell Siri:

"Schedule a movie transformers right now."

In your ruby code:

user = User.create :name => "bob", :siriable_login => "", :siriable_password => "bobibob"

(seconds later)

[Siri] Movie 'transformers' scheduled by bob at 2010-11-08 12:20

Example of events

From Siri Says :

Immediate events

To create an immediate event, you can either create an event "now" or "all-day tomorrow":

  • "Schedule a movie right now"
  • "Schedule an event right now: movie"
  • "Schedule an appointment tomorrow, all-day: movie"
  • "New appointment now: movie"
  • Etc.

Scheduled events

Create events that fire later just like you would any other scheduled event:

  • "New appointment for tomorrow at 4am: deploy"
  • "Schedule a deploy tomorrow at 4am"
  • "Schedule an event tomorrow at 4am: deploy"
  • "Schedule an appointment tomorrow, at 4am: deploy"
  • Etc.


Tested under Rails 3.X.


Pull requests for features and bug fix with tests are welcome.

This is my first gem so please consider this as beta version.


  • Find an asynchronous way to get calendar events.
  • Possibility to use different caldav servers, not only gmail.


This project rocks and uses MIT-LICENSE.