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Spree/MailChimp Integration

Makes it easy to integrate your Spree app with MailChimp

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  • List synchronization: Automatically syncs Spree's user list with MailChimp. The user can subscribe/unsubscribe via the registration and account pages.
  • Order synchronoization: Fully supports MailChimp's eCommerce360 API. Allows you to create targeted campaigns in MailChimp based on a user's purchase history. We'll even update MailChimp if the order changes after the sale (i.e. order modification, cancelation, return).
  • Campaign Revenue Tracking: Notifies MailChimp when an order originates from a campaign email.
  • Custom User Data: Easily add your own custom merge vars. We'll only sync them when data changes
  • Existing Stores: Provides a handy rake task rake spree_chimpy:orders:sync is included to sync up all your existing order data with mail chimp. Run this after installing spree_chimpy to an existing store.
  • Deferred Processing: Communication between Spree and MailChimp is synchronous by default. If you have delayed_job in your bundle, the communication is queued up and deferred to one of your workers. (sidekiq support also planned)


Add spree_chimpy to your Gemfile:

gem "spree_chimpy"

Alternatively you can use the git repo directly:

gem "spree_chimpy", github: "DynamoMTL/spree_chimpy"

Run bundler


Install migrations & initializer file

bundle exec rails g spree_chimpy:install

MailChimp Setup

If you don't already have an account, you can create one here for free.

Make sure to create a list if you don't already have one. Use any name you like, just dont forget to update the Spree::Chimpy::Config#list_name setting

Spree Setup

Edit the initializer created by the spree_chimpy:install generator. Only the API key is required

# config/initializers/spree_chimpy.rb
Spree::Chimpy.config do |config|
  # your API key provided by MailChimp
  config.key = 'your-api-key'

If you'd like, you can add additional options:

# config/initializers/spree_chimpy.rb
Spree::Chimpy.config do |config|
  # your API key as provided by MailChimp
  config.key = 'your-api-key'

  # name of your list, defaults to "Members"
  config.list_name = 'peeps'

  # change the double-opt-in behavior
  config.double_opt_in = false

  # id of your store. max 10 letters. defaults to "spree"
  config.store_id = 'acme'

  # define a list of merge vars:
  # - key: a unique name that mail chimp uses. 10 letters max
  # - value: the name of any method on the user class.
  # default is {'EMAIL' => :email}
  config.merge_vars = {
    'EMAIL' => :email,
    'HAIRCOLOR' => :hair_color

For deployment on Heroku, you can configure the API key with environment variables:

# config/initializers/spree_chimpy.rb
Spree::Chimpy.config do |config|
  config.key = ENV['MAILCHIMP_API_KEY']


By default spree_chimpy will try to segment customers. The segment name can be configured using the segment_name setting. Spree_chimpy will use an existing segment if it exists. If no segment can be found it will be created for you automatically.

Note about double-opt-in & segmenting

Mailchimp does not allow you to segment emails that have not confirmed their subscription. This means that if you use the double-opt-in setting users will not get segmented by default. To work around this there is a rake task to segment all currently subscribed users.

rake spree_chimpy:users:segment

The output of this command will look something like this:

Segmenting all subscribed users
Error 215 with email: user@example.com
 msg: The email address "user@example" does not belong to this list
segmented 2 out of 3

You can run this task recurring by setting up a cron using whenever or by using clockwork. Alternatively when you host on Heroku you can use Heroku Scheduler

Adding a Guest subscription form

spree_chimpy comes with a default subscription form for users who are not logged in, just add the following deface override:

Deface::Override.new(:virtual_path => "spree/shared/_footer",
                     :name         => "spree_chimpy_subscription_form",
                     :insert_bottom => "#footer-right",
                     :partial      => "spree/shared/guest_subscription_form")

The selector and virtual path can be changed to taste.


Be sure to bundle your dependencies and then create a dummy test app for the specs to run against.

$ bundle
$ bundle exec rake test_app

To run tests:

$ bundle exec rspec spec

To run tests with guard (preferred):

$ bundle exec guard


Copyright (c) 2013 Dynamo, released under the New BSD License