An HTML5 autocomplete widget for Lift
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This is an autocomplete widget which can be used in Lift webapps. It uses HTML5 functionality so it is only working on some browsers (Firefox, Opera and Chrome at the moment). To try it out follow the steps below. Feel free to report issues or feature requests. Visit my homepage to see the widget in action.

Example usage


<input name="search" type="search"></input>
<span data-lift-id="datalist"></span>


def render = {
    val autoComplete = AutoComplete((current: String) => { (1 to 10) map (n => (current + n, current + n)) })

    val name = autoComplete.inputName

    "data-lift-id=datalist" #> autoComplete.datalist &
    "name=search [name]" #> name &
    "name=search [id]" #> name &
    "name=search [oninput]" #> autoComplete.onChange &
    "name=search [list]" #> autoComplete.datalistId &
    "name=search [placeholder]" #> Text(S ? "SEARCH")