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Create Atom feeds for websites that don't support it
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Create Atom feeds for websites that don't support it

PolyFeed generates Atom feeds out of websites that don't have one, such as Twitter or Facebook (* cough * * cough *). It supports any platform that C♯ .NET applications can run, including Linux and Windows.


From a Release

Download and extract the latest release. You're done!

Building from Source

Clone this repository, and then build the code with msbuild:

msbuild /p:Configuration=Release

The build output will be outputted to PolyFeed/bin/Release.


PolyFeed uses TOML configuration files to define Atom feeds. First, create a configuration file that specifies how PolyFeed should generate an Atom feed - or use one of the examples.

Then, run PolyFeed over it:

path/to/PolyFeed.exe --config path/to/config.toml will generate the named .atom file automatically, keeping you up-to-date on it's progress and any errors it encounters.

Use PolyFeed.exe --help to display the full range of command-line flags available.


Contributions are welcome - feel free to open an issue or (even better) a pull request.

The issue tracker is the place where all the tasks relating to the project are kept.


PolyFeed is released under the Mozilla Public License 2.0. The full license text is included in the LICENSE file in this repository.

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