A traceroute utility written in C#
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Traceroute Plus

Traceroute Plus is a traceroute utility I wrote for educational purposes in C♯. Usage information can be found by calling it without any parameters: tracerouteplus.exe.


  • Configurable ping options:
    • Timeout
    • Time to wait between each request
    • Number of retries for failed pings
    • Maximum hop count (default: unlimited, tells you when the limit was hit)
  • Tells you what went wrong (DestinationNetworkUnreachable, TimedOut, etc.)
  • Optional DNS lookup for each host in traceroute (via /dns option)
  • Traceroute for multiple domains
    • Read in domains from stdin
  • Bare output format for scripts
  • Guesses the round trip time for hosts that don't respond based on initial probe ping
    • This is done by timing the amount of time the initial traceroute probe takes via System.Diagnotics.StopWatch
    • This is usually out by at least ~10ms though I think because it recourds all the overhead of send the ping request as well


Currently binaries are only available for windows, but it should compile fine with Mono too.

Name Link
Release Binary TraceRoutePlus.exe
Debug Binary TraceRoutePlus.exe


You can either build this with Visual Studio 2013, mono (gmcs I think?), or csc.exe.

Visual Studio 2013

Open the project, and then go to Build -> Build Solution, or press CTRL + SHIFT + B.


*Apparently you have to compile the .resx into a .resources file first before compiling it using a tool called resgen. If you know how to do that, please open an issue!`

Execute this in the TraceRoutePlus folder:

...\TraceRoutePlus> csc /out:tracerouteplus.exe /res:Properties\Resources.resources *.cs Properties\*.cs

TODO: updaate these instructions


Example traceroute:

C:\>tracerouteplus github.com
Traceroute Plus
By Starbeamrainbowlabs <https://starbeamrainbowlabs.com>

=== github.com ===
 1: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 1ms
 2: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 33ms
 3: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 36ms
 4: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 54ms
 5:     119ms
 6:    115ms
 7:  118ms
 8:   118ms
=== github.com end ===

(Some ip addresses have been blanked out for security)


  • Add option to specify starting hop
  • ...? (create an issue, or even better a pull request!)


TraceRoutePlus is licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0. A Copy of this license is located in the LICENSE file in the root of this repository.