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Pepperminty Wiki Logo Pepperminty Wiki Build Status Join the chat at License: MPL-2.0 Docker pulls count

A Wiki in a box

Pepperminty Wiki is a complete wiki engine contained in a single file, inspired by @am2064's Minty Wiki. It's open source too (under MPL-2.0), so contributions are welcome!

Developed by Starbeamrainbowlabs (though contributions from others are welcome!), Pepperminty Wiki has a variety of useful (and cool!) features - such as file upload, a dynamic help page, page revision history, page tags, and more! Other amazing features are in the works too (like a theme gallery, auto update, and user watchlists), so check the release notes to see what's been added recently.

Latest Version: stable version badge pre-release version badge development version badge (Changelog)


Main Page Example


For everything you need to know (including how to get your own copy!), you probably want the documentation. It can be found here:


Real World Usage

None yet! Contact me or open an issue and tell me about where you are using Pepperminty Wiki and I'll add you to this section 😺


Here's a list of things that I want to add at some point (please feel free to send a pull request and help out!).

  • Better page history (revert to revision done!, compare revisions, etc.) (#78, #79)
  • Intelligent auto-updating system that doesn't wipe your settings / module choices
  • A module registry of some sort (ideas welcome!)
  • Image maps (#103)
  • An app for Android - in progress over here!
    • Participate in the beta:
    • Report issues here
    • An iOS app is not practical for the foreseeable future.
      • It's too expensive.
      • The ecosystem is very closed off, and I've no idea how to make an iOS app (nor do I own a device to test it on)
      • Feel free to make one yourself!
      • I'm happy to help out if you need help with Pepperminty Wiki itself (e.g. making it more machine-readable (#138))
      • Message on Gitter (see above), or open an issue on this repository.
  • User watchlists
  • Theme gallery (#5)
  • (See more on the issue tracker!)
  • ...?

Is the feature you want to see not on this list or not implemented yet? Open an issue or send a pull request - contributions welcome!

If you've found a security issue, please don't open an issue. Instead, get in touch privately - e.g. via Keybase or by email (security [at sign] starbeamrainbowlabs [replace me with a dot] com), and I'll try to respond ASAP.


The recommended way of running Pepperminty Wiki is with a plain PHP-enabled web server. However, a docker container is generously provided by @SQL-enwiki. You can run it like so:

docker run -d sqlatenwiki/peppermintywiki:stable


Pepperminty Wiki is released under the Mozilla Public License 2.0. The full license text is included in the LICENSE file in this repository. Tldr legal have a great summary of the license if you're interested.

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