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Ensured that the returnto GET parameter leads you only to another p…
…lace on your Pepperminty Wiki instance (thanks, @JamieSlome)
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sbrl committed Sep 21, 2021
1 parent 4be6a18 commit f59e681
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Expand Up @@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ This file holds the changelog for Pepperminty Wiki. This is the master list of t

### Fixed
- [security] Fixed an XSS vulnerability in the `format` GET parameter of the `stats` action (thanks, @JamieSlome)
- [security] Ensured that the `returnto` GET parameter leads you only to another place on your Pepperminty Wiki instance (thanks, @JamieSlome)

## v0.23
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8 changes: 8 additions & 0 deletions modules/page-login.php
Expand Up @@ -152,6 +152,14 @@
$_SESSION["$settings->sessionprefix-pass"] = $new_password_hash ?? hash_password($pass);
$_SESSION["$settings->sessionprefix-expiretime"] = time() + 60*60*24*30; // 30 days from now

$returnto_redirect = $_GET["returnto"];
if(strpos($returnto_redirect, "?") === false) {
exit(page_renderer::render_main("Login error - $settings->sitename", "<p>Your credentials were correct, but the 'returnto' URL specified (in the <code>returnto</code> GET parameter) did not contain a question mark. To protect you from being redirected to another site, $settings->sitename only allows redirects that do not leave $settings->sitename.</p>"));
// Ensure that this redirect takes to only somewhere else in this site
$returnto_redirect = substr($returnto_redirect, strpos($returnto_redirect, "?"));

// Redirect to wherever the user was going
header("x-login-success: yes");
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