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This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only.
A collection of Jupyter notebooks showing what you can do with the Almond Scala kernel.
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Moved to Almond

This repository has been moved under the Almond organization.

The new location ist All further development will happen there.

This archived copy is only kept here for some time to avoid breaking binder links.

Almond Examples Binder

A collection of Jupyter notebooks showing what you can do with the Almond Scala kernel.

Run interactively on Binder

The easiest way to get started is to run the examples on Binder. All your need is a browser!

Binder is an amazing service that allows you to create an executable environment out of a Git repository containing Jupyter notebooks. That way, you can play with the examples and try new things without having to install anything locally.

See Notebook Output in nbviewer

You can view the notebooks directly on GitHub, as it has a basic renderer for Jupyter notebooks. It doesn't execute any JavaScript though, which severly limits its ability to show dynamically generated plots i.e. from plotly and vegas.

A much better option is to render them through nbviewer. nbviewer supports loading notebooks directly from a repo on GitHub.

List of all notebooks in this project in nbviewer

Running locally

An even better way to learn about Jupyter and Almond is to run it locally so you can try things out for yourself.

To run these notebooks locally:

  1. Install Jupyter Notebook
  2. Install an Almond kernel
  3. Clone the project and run jupyter notebook in the project directory
  4. Open one of the example notebooks and play with it!
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