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Simple JavaScript library to create HTML time sheets. Wrapped in an example project using Middleman …

You only have to include dist/timesheet.js and dist/timesheet.css in your HTML and initialize Timesheet.js with:

<div id="timesheet"></div>
new Timesheet('timesheet', 2002, 2013, [
  ['2002', '09/2002', 'A freaking awesome time', 'lorem'],
  ['06/2002', '09/2003', 'Some great memories', 'ipsum'],
  ['2003', 'Had very bad luck'],
  ['10/2003', '2006', 'At least had fun', 'dolor'],
  ['02/2005', '05/2006', 'Enjoyed those times as well', 'ipsum'],
  ['07/2005', '09/2005', 'Bad luck again', 'default'],
  ['10/2005', '2008', 'For a long time nothing happened', 'dolor'],
  ['01/2008', '05/2009', 'LOST Season #4', 'lorem'],
  ['01/2009', '05/2009', 'LOST Season #4', 'lorem'],
  ['02/2010', '05/2010', 'LOST Season #5', 'lorem'],
  ['09/2008', '06/2010', 'FRINGE #1 & #2', 'ipsum']


$ > bower install

Grunt commands

Use grunt to build all JavaScript and StyleSheet files located inside dist/.

Use grunt server to start a local web server on localhost:8080 to customize Timesheet.js, afterwards run grunt to compile all needed files.

Use grunt gh to generate the site and files available at into the gh-pages folder.


Timesheet.js is licensed under MIT License.